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Wall Street by word of mouth. 

Strategize. Visualize.


John Halovanic is a time-tested and proven CTO/CIO and pragmatic visionary business catalyst dedicated to forward thinking, operational excellence, and continuous improvement. Business transformation specialist who paves the way for double-digit growth in sales, market share and profits. Excels at long-term strategic planning, implementing SaaS, PaaS and IaaS enterprise-wide and building, developing and leading high-performance teams on large IT / technical projects. Leverages best practices to design, develop and test new products / software and integrate, upgrade or migrate systems, networks, portals and databases.


Uniquely able to connect the dots because of exceptional technical knowledge, leadership skills and creativity. Calm under pressure, performs well in the clutch, adept in crisis management, risk management and preventing problems. Admired for recruiting, hiring and developing top talent, building management bench strength and achieving buy-in on stretch goals. Utilizes big picture vision to create / unlock lasting value, solve complex problems and create new revenue streams as evidenced by dozens of leadership achievements and high-impact contributions to the bottom line.


Bringing the highest level of talent available straight to you. Your personal coach and mentor. All Wall Street without the Wall Street. 

  • C Level Consulting

  • Office 365 Integration  

  • Sharepoint Integration  

  • Microsoft Dynamics

  • Mentoring 

  • ​Coaching 

  • Hiring 

  • Management Training 

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