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John brings a wealth of management experience and technology knowledge to his work. As CFO of Beal Bank, the IT department reported to me. I hired John to evaluate, analyze and set the strategic direction for his department. He did an outstanding job of building a department that managed the transaction data for a $7 billion bank spread across multiple states. During this time the bank grew substantially (including the acquisition of other banks and the opening of retail bank branches) and implemented many changes, John was instrumental to the success of these projects. He is a thoughtful, committed, and highly effective leader!


Kelly Jones on LinkedIn

John is a strong technology leader and had a tremendous impact on our strategic business direction while transforming our technology platform, infrastructure and our teams. John has great balance and understands how to manage technology and business priorities to best serve customer needs. He has the ability to drive a strategic vision and also get into the details to motivate and problem solve when needed. I had the pleasure of working with John for well over a decade throughout many changes, transformations and during a tremendous growth period in our WSO business. I would highly recommend John as he is a unique leader within the technology world. John has excellent people, customer and partnership qualities which any firm would greatly benefit from, whether it be in early value creation stage or an existing complex organization.

Mark Schultis on LinkedIn

I have had the privilege to work with John in a number of roles. He is a consummate leader especially in technology, as he has the ability to break down the most complex processes into easily relatable and understandable terms. John brings an unbreakable positive, 'get er done' attitude to every day, every project, every time. I can't recommend John strongly enough to any organization that is looking to take its team to the next level. He will change/challenge an organization and that organization will be better, there is no doubt.

Brent Allen on LinkedIn

John is a skilled and seasoned technologist and a technology leader. With hands on experience and a long history of building great products and solving challenging client issues, he would be an asset to many organizations. He is willing to dig in and own it when needed, while letting others lead and flourish to scale and develop over time. A very strong positive culture carrier, who treats people with respect and also engenders mutual respect from others. Whether his peers, those more senior or most importantly those who looked up to John for many years. The WSO franchise at IHS Markit benefited greatly from having John as a senior colleague for many years and his legacy will continue to be felt for many years to come. I am a better leader myself for having working with John during our years together at IHS Markit. 

Brad Levy on LinkedIn

I had the pleasure of working with John for several years in designing and delivering custom software solutions. John always impressed me with his range of capabilities, with strong technical grounding through executive management and people skills. He is able to understand and thoughtfully communicate complex technical issues as well as relate exceptionally well to the people around him. Plus John always impressed me with his caring for the people around him as well as the quality of his work. I highly recommend John for an executive level technology management position.

Sam Phelps on LinkedIn

John is a creative technologist who motivates outstanding teams while delivering on business and financial objectives. John was able to guide our WSO product suite through tactical and strategic upgrades while taking the lead on new initiatives and innovation within our broader loan's franchise. He was also an instrumental member of our global technology team adding his voice to many important projects including, cyber security, cloud based deployment, off-shore resourcing and adoption of new technologies. John is rare in his ability to code and produce while managing a dynamic team and being an outstanding partner to business leaders. I would recommend him to any organization with complicated and strategic technology needs.

Armins Rusis on LinkedIn

John is first of all a superb leader and team builder. He more than goes the extra mile to build relationships with colleagues and co-workers. Conceptual skills help him to truly understand problems and recommend solutions that are appropriate for the business. Brings a ton of curiosity and passion to work every day. Fantastic interpersonal skills. For well over a decade I have worked and collaborated with John in multiple capacities and have enjoyed every minute.

Rob McIntosh on LinkedIn

John was a very important part of my management team. His in-depth knowledge of technology from infrastructure to development was a key for the success of the WSO platform. His business acumen helped bridge the important link between users and the development team so that the functionality requirements could be properly communicated and implemented by his Development Team. His management skills were instrumental in providing the ability to recruit, hire and retain talented development and technology professionals. I fully endorse him for any technology role in any industry.

Mark Murray on LinkedIn


John is the best manager I've ever had the opportunity to work. He makes the people around him perform better and is an excellent leader. He leads from the front and works with his people, all the while building a strong IT team. Anything you ask John to do will done to a very high standard of excellence. It is the only way he works.

Gary Powers on LinkedIn

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